Macaulay Gathering Lake Tekapo New Zealand 2010

Bruce and Ruth emailed on the 04/03/2010 with an invite to view the photos taken at the New Zealand MacAulay Gathering. Here's their message: "This shows you the Macaulay in Australia gathering which we hosted at Lake tekapo New Zealand 26-28Feb 2010. 9 came from Australia; The Svensens 4, Martins 2, Geoff Derrick the treasurer and Lyn Worsnop his partner, Rob Macaulay a past President, and the Hilliers were inlaws of the Martins from England. Otherwise all others were NZ macaulays. I (Ruth) have been made President for the next 2 yrs.The Secretary and her husband were unable to come. We had AGM, Farm visit and lunch at Glenmore Station owned by the Murrays." Click here to view the photo album, John McCall Webmaster