Address by Commander Iain MacMillan MacAulay

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Fellow MacAulays,

Today the Liveries of the Honourable Clan MacAulay fly at the masthead of this castle, and this Derbhfine was opened with the display of the Liveries carried by our Fear am Bratach, Brian MacAulay of Stirling.
Both Standards are there as symbols of our resurgence as a Clan and are proof of the generosity of Brian MacAulay himself who has gifted the Flags to me and through me to the Clan.
They are our Standards into the future and Brian is our Standard Bearer.
To him we say Thank you. May they fly proudly far into the future.

The shape of the Clan is slowly emerging. It is self-creating. It is there because we MacAulays want it to be there.
It is there because MacAulays in Scotland want it, because MacAulays in the United Kingdoms want it. Because American MacAulays want it, because Australian Canadian, New Zealand. South American, Nova Scotian and German MacAulays want it.
You are the Clan. The Clan is you. I pray that we remain indivisible. The Colquehouns were our Hereditary enemies in the 16th and 17th. Centuries, the only threat to Clan MacAulay today would come from within the Clan and be instigated by a MacAulay.
From day one in Perth in 1998 the level of sustained loyalty has been wonderful. The demands of travelling time and expense placed on members of the Association of Clan MacAulay have been met loyally and unstintingly.
Each one has given their time, talent, expertise and finances without question. Stretch the demands on time, expense, and talent, around the world and we have a handsome bunch of Americans here today, all Bonnie Fichters.
I understand that young Penny was in the Army too.
They have come eagerly to Scotland as if they were coming home and we welcome them with open arms.
For Wayne it is becoming home, he has crossed the pond so often. Wayne's Web has become a household word and is surfed eagerly by MacAulays round the World and by other dormant Clans seeking a route to revival. Bud Lush and Teena representing Canada are here today. After Teena's battle with ill health, we say welcome and best Wishes.
Judy Allan was here from Australia last year and The MacAulay Clan in Australia sends their support.
For the first time New Zealand is represented for we have Ruth Cooper and her Husband who have stimulated interest in The MacAulay Family on their beautiful Island. I hope you will take back a good report of us.

Now Clan Elders have assumed their role in the selection of a candidate for Chiefship. They represent Armigers and landowners in Scotland, and their decision will be backed up by Acclamation forms from around the World.

Summoned by Charles Burnett, Ross Herald at Arms to this Derbhfine they have assumed their responsibilities and traveled here to make their choice, which is now recorded, and will progress to Lyon in due Course. There are defining moments in all our lives.
For me it was my release alive from Japanese Prisoner of War camp. Weighing about 57 Ibs. I was told I would be an invalid and infertile for the rest of my life. I met and married Nina and we had two sons increasing to four grandsons and our first great-grandson proving what a stubborn bunch we MacAulays are.
Of all the Clans we are able to Pray "God make me right for I canna change my mind."
The need to get the job done and leave the circumstances to the Deity is usually successful.
I have dreamed of the revival of Clan MacAulay since I was a boy playing on the hillside above Dunoon in Argyllshire, Not Cowboys and Indians but Redcoats and Highlanders, where every bracken head chopped was the end of a hated invader.
Since then I have put away childish things but the dream has never faded. It took a quantum leap towards reality when I was introduced to Hector of Lochbroom. As I shook his hand I said, " would you come with me to raise Clan MacAulay. He said "Yes" and the movement was born.
My vision for the Clan has always been that of a truly Celtic Clan rather than merely territorial groupings.
Each group has its own History, its own triumphs and disasters before time and the Holocaust destroyed the Clan system and swept them all away, leaving a single rallying cry on the Wind, MacAulay gu Brath. MacAulay Forever.

To each and every one of you I say "Thank You" and to the many who kept in touch by e-mail and snail mail I send my gratitude for their support and encouragement.

To the Ross Herald I pay my respects and offer my Thanks.
You have guided us in the Paths of Protocol and Legality and gently directed some of our more outrageous dreams in more circumspect paths.
I have no doubt we will return to you in the future for Guidance.
In the Past the Clan would have signaled their approval by brandishing their Broadswords and indulging in a lot of wild Gaelic outcry.
Broadswords and outcry are prohibited in this confined space so we will retire and indulge in slightly more genteel celebrations to mark the occasion and cement family ties and loyalties.

There we will raise our glasses and shout "MacAmhlaidh Gu Brath", MacAulay for Ever.