Fighting History of Clan MacAulay

Clan MacAulay claims descent from King Kenneth MacAlpin the 29th Dalriadic and the 41st Pictish King who ruled from 841 to 860 A.D.

As a Clan we were "Kings Men". At the Battle of Largs (1262).

We sheltered Wallace (Brave Heart) when the English occupation army chased him into Dumbartonshire.

We aided Robert the Bruce to escape to the West over the Gairloch to Argyll.

We were at Bannockburn (1314) under the Earl of Lennox.

The Battle of Flodden (1513) saw the death of our Chief and his two sons. Our Chief signed the Bond to protect the infant King James VI.

Another Chief was in the Party that escorted James VI to London to claim the throne of England.