Lewis MacAulays

In the Outer Hebrides lived the MacAulays of Lewis.

The name here simply meant ‘son of Olaf’, the ancient King, and the earliest written reference to a MacAulay of Lewis was about Donald Camm in 1610. The name meant Donald One-eye and this man was famous for his great strength. Donald’s son died at the Battle of Aldearn in 1645 fighting for Charles I.

From; http://www.scotsconnection.com/clan_crests/MacAuley.htm

The MacAulays of Lewis come from a Celtic and Norse mixture that used the Celtic language and followed Celtic traditions. They claim Olav the Black, last King of Man, as their ancestor.
As followers of the Macleods of Lewis, they were unconnected with the mainland MacAulays although they supported the Royalist Cause under the Marquis of Montrose and fought at the Battle of Aldern in 1645. The earliest historical reference was to a Donald MacAulay of Lewis in 1610.