The Trilogy is Complete...Tony Macaulay!

The trilogy is complete… Tony Macaulay!



Tony MacaulayTony Macaulay has just finished the third book of his trilogy. The book ‘All Growed Up. What Bread Boy Did At University’ shall be released on 4 Sep 2014.

‘It’s Belfast, 1982, and a seventeen-year-old boy wearing Hai Karate aftershave has an appointment with destiny. He is a real man now, so he is, and shaving twice a week. To follow his successful career as a breadboy, he aims to go where few people from the upper Shankill have boldly gone before: to university.’

All Growed Up is the funny and heart-warming sequel to Tony Macaulay’s memoirs Paperboy and Breadboy. It follows Tony as he leaves the Shankill for life as a student in Coleraine, where he discovers true love, sex, socialism and screen tests. 

Touching, funny and nostalgic, All Growed Up will delight Tony’s many fans. It’s the book in which the retired paperboy finally grows up.

BookTony Macaulay grew up in the 1970s at the top of Belfast’s Shankill Road, during the height of the Troubles – an experience that has shaped his life and inspired his writing. Following successful spells as a paperboy and a breadboy, he has gone on to spend more than thirty years working for peace and reconciliation both in Northern Ireland and abroad. Tony is also a writer and broadcaster, and has contributed regularly to Radio Ulster for more than ten years. His first two books  and  were critically acclaimed bestsellers.


Tony and family along with brother Barry are keen members of the clan association.