Royal Edinburgh Tattoo 2017

MacAulay March at the ROYAL EDINBURGH TATTOO 2017
The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo will be held on 4th to 26th August 2017 - in the spectacular surroundings of Edinburgh Castle, and the key theme in 2017 is a ‘Splash of Tartan’!
Performance Details:
Clans are allocated specific nights and the Clan MacAulay performance is at 9pm on Monday 7th August (sharing with Clan MacMillan). We will be marching at the head of the Clan into the performance. After marching in one of us will be having a dram with the Chief of MacMillan, George MacMillan of MacMillan, then we will take our seats for the rest of the Tattoo. We want to attract as many MacAulays/McAuleys/Any Spelling or Clan MacAulay supporters as possible (whether or not members of the Clan MacAulay Association) to take part in this march into the arena.
Tickets are not yet on sale but will be available online; the organisers say that a good number will be set aside for our Clan Association until March 2017. If you think you would like to take part, please contact the Clan Secretary, Walter MacAulay by email or through Facebook so that we can keep the Tattoo organisers informed on likely numbers. If you want to take part in the Clan march into the performance, please wear MacAulay tartan in some form.
This will be a perfect start to our International Gathering in Carrickfergus on 10th to 13th August 2017.

The tickets should be bought on:

Email or phone the secretary for the code.