Rev William MacAulay

Revd William MacAulay

The Reverend William Macaulay

More than just a spiritual leader of the community, MacAulay was an influential landowner in Picton and left an architectural legacy in the buildings at Macaulay Heritage Park.

In 1800, then six-year old William Macaulay inherited 500 acres of land near the settlement of Hallowell Bay. William Macaulay was educated at Dr. Stewart's Academy in Cornwall under the tutelage of Reverend John Strachan and studied theology at Queen's College at Oxford. Macaulay was originally sent to this area as a missionary. He first established a school on a portion of his property and in 1823 organised the Parish of Hallowell. He donated the land for the church and paid for much of its construction from his personal wealth.

In 1831, William Macaulay donated land for the construction of the new district courthouse which is located on Union Street and still in use. William was twice married, first to Ann Catherine Geddes who died childless in 1849 and then to Charlotte Levesconte.

Reverend William Macaulay was instrumental in the naming of the town of Picton. William Macaulay died in 1874 at the age of eighty. His remains were interred in the Cemetery at old St. Mary Magdalene's. T

he Friends of Macaulay Heritage Park are on hand to share their knowledge of the Macaulay Family and life as it was in Macaulay's Picton.