Reflections…On Being A Gospel For Today

Mike McAuley, our Commissioner for Northern Missouri, recently published a book called “Reflections…On Being A Gospel For Today.”  It is available on Amazon for the Kindle.  The price is $9.99.  


It can be found on Amazon here.  


Amazon reviews it: 


“Beginning with a bold affirmation that the "good news" embodies the reality that each and every one of us is a living gospel, the author explores, in over 70 reflections, many of the challenges that life presents to us as we journey to realize and affirm that gospel message. Drawing on his Catholic upbringing, but incorporating learned truths from many of the great religions and spiritual systems of the world, the author invites the reader to both question and validate deep seated beliefs, and, in the process arrive at an authentic understanding and celebration of self. Reflections...On Being a Gospel for Today compels the reader to summon the courage to explore beyond doctrine, beyond tradition, beyond institutional and hierarchical dictates to arrive at a more expansive, inclusive, and compassionate world view.”