Ella Macaulay – Took part in the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Ella Macaulay, originally from Salisbury and one of our Heritage Secretary’s, Christiane MacAulay Readhead’s nieces, was chosen to take part in the Opening Ceremony of London 2012. In her own words Ella shares how that came about:

“I've skated for The London Rockin' Rollers for 3 ½ years. We're a Roller Derby team currently ranked 5th in Europe out of over 100 teams. Roller Derby is an originally American full contact sport played predominantly by women. We're a grass roots team, we train hard and we've been lucky enough to have some amazing games under our belts both within the UK and internationally. In Autumn last year, the Olympics casting team approached us, asking if we would be interested in skating in the ceremonies. It's not really an offer you can turn down! We started rehearsals in April this year, and it was pretty full for the next 3 months leading up to the opening, often with late nights and days off work and LOTS of being rained on.

It was an amazing experience, we met loads of great people both in our section (Second star to the right and straight on till morning), the other sections, and behind the scenes. Luckily out of 40 skaters 13 of us were Rockin' Rollers, so there was never a dull moment and for the first month we had the run of the stadiums many ramps and concrete corridors. The costumes were amazing, and we got to keep them, as well as they skates they had bought us!" If you'd like further reading, my Olympic diary was published on my teams blog along with lots more photos. http://londonrockinrollers.co.uk/rollergirls-at-the-olympics-behind-the-...