Eileen MacAulay - 100 years

Eileen MacAulay

I visited the wife of the grandson of my Grandfathers brother, (my second cousin) Eileen Macaulay, in Helensburgh on 23 June this year 5 days before she turned 100yrs. She is a remarkable woman still so alert and interested in family. Her husband John died 2 years ago at 98 He was a Vetinary Surgeon. His grandfather John a mechanical draftsman and artist was the one family member to stay in Scotland when his 3 brothers and married sister came out to New Zealand from 1877 onwards. Their Father had been the first Instructor of weaving at the Technical College of weaving in Glasgow 1877-82 (now part of Strathclyde University) He designed a beautiful Diploma in silk to be presented to successful pupils. His sons and daughter-a school teacher-all took up farming when they came to New Zealand I am very proud of my Macaulay heritage and my wonderful Macaulay Mother. Ruth Cooper, 12/11/11