Ceremony for the Chief of Davidson in New Zealand

On Friday 9th May 2015, Bruce and I attended the inauguration ceremony for Grant Guthrie Davidson, 3rd of Davidson, Chief of Clan Davidson in Christchurch NZ.

Chief Davidson


This is the first time a world wide Chief has been sworn in, in New Zealand. His Father Alister Guthrie Davidson died in 2014.


Grant has been involved with International Yachting and the Americas Cup since 1980 and lives in Auckland. Dr Frank Davidson of Australia presented the chief with his Cromach and Nick Hide of the Clan Davidson Association UK, presented the Chief with his Bonnet and Alex Davidson Clan Davidson NZ presented a ceremonial Quaich.



The pictures show the various Clans present for the occasion and Grant and his wife Brenda and also the one of myself with Chief Grant prior to the ceremony.

Clans seated


The one at the dinner shows the Kilmarnock Singers whose CD I have sent to Hector.

I plan to bring some of these over in August for the raffle.


Nick Hide was the guest speaker at the dinner afterwards and he was amazing with wonderful pictures of so many Davidson families around the world. He is a genealogist and they are so lucky to have been given so much over the years in heraldry, medals, paintings, jewellery, and an annual journal which has been going 24 years, and 3 newsletters a year mostly by email.

Of course they have been an active clan for many years but it was most impressive.


Also today Bruce and I attended an excellent Service organised by Ross Fraser of The Scottish Society of NZ to Commemorate World War I.


Children placed poppies on the names on the honours board of those who died from Christchurch Scottish families. Pipes, solos, and addresses were all part of the service followed by tea, coffee and of course home made Anzac biscuits!


More pictures can be seen here.


Ruth Cooper

Commissioner for New Zealand