MacAulay Heritage

 MacAulay Heritage!

 On return home to the US after attending the 2013 Crieff clan gathering our new Michigan Clan Commissioner Bill O'Reilly, along with his wife Becky, recently took the 6 hour drive to check out the strong MacAulay heritage of the area of Picton, Eastern Ontario.

MacAulay Heritage Park Sign                        MacAulay Village sign

It was near here in Maryville where Bill's Irish McCauley ancestors settled in the 1840s (after arriving from Cushendall in County Antrim). Coincidently, a few years ago Bill also discovered that his O'Reilly great/great/grandparents were also living in Picton (a few miles from the McCauleys) for several years in the mid 1800s after their arrival from Ireland. Ironically, it took the passing of 50 years and 500 miles travel further west  before the grandchildren of the two families (Bills grandparents), would meet and marry!

 MacAulay Sign

As one can see from the photos not only does the old church and house survive as testament to a prominent local MacAulay of 200 years ago but nearby is also MacAulay Mountain!











The last photo shows Bill's car proudly displaying his new Clan MacAulay sticker in the rear window.

 Car sticker

Canada's Prince Edward County lies about 2 hours east of Toronto and is not to be confused with Canada's Prince Edward Island.