Photos of Ardencaple

My grandfather James Hendry bought Ardencaple in the 1930s. I am unsure of the exact date. I believe he bought it with members of his family with whom he had business interests. He had founded the Hendry Motor Services company in Coatbridge and merged with the Lawson Company in the 1920s.

My father, now deceased, had many memories of life in the castle.


The family sold off some of the land for housing, but retained the castle and much of the grounds until part way into the war when the government issued an order to vacate the premises within 14 days. All of the contents of the castle were loaded into tea chests and placed into storage. These were sold, unopened and by weight in the 1950s (if you can imagine!).


I believe it was originally intended that the castle be re-inhabited after the war, but my father said that the damage inside was terrible and the lead had been stolen from the rooves which meant that water had been leaking in for years.


There is one other part of the castle remaining apart from the tower and that is the top of one of the round towers which was removed at demolition and forms a flower bed at my late grandfather's residence at 1 Kidston Drive, Helensburgh.

Doug Hendry

Thank to Mr Hendry for this fascinating insight into Ardencaple. Walter MacAulay (Clan Secretary)