International Clan Gathering 2015 Oban

The 2015 International Clan Gathering was held at the Royal Hotel, Oban on 14th and 15th August 2015. 

Failte do'n Chinneadh! - Welcome to the Clan MacAulay Association in Scotland

The main aims of the clan are:

The promotion of the spirit of Clansmanship, of belonging in kinship, to foster an interest in Scotland, the land, our origins, our history, in a multicultural world. The clan aims to retain something of value in a World of Changing values. Our Clan is based on Democracy and Meritocracy not Aristocracy and Patronage. The Clan MacAulay Association holds a Gathering in Scotland every two years.

St Louis Scottish Games 2015

St Louis Scottish Games (SLSG) To Host 2015 Masters World Championships In Scottish Heavy Athletics


Clan MacAulay of the Canadas launches website!

Clan MacAulay of the Canadas launches website!

Bookings for Gathering 2015 Oban

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Clan Chief Election 2015

The Secretary has now closed nominations for the forthcoming election for Chief of the Clan MacAulay Association.

As there was only one nomination, I declare the Hector MacAulay will serve as Chief until August 2020.

hector Chief

Walter MacAulay

Clan Secretary

2015 Events

The following are the forthcoming events in which the Clan will be involved or has been invited. For further information contact the Secretary.


17th April 2015 - 7pm to 10.30pm Association of Highland Clans and Societies (AHCS). Social Meeting and Discusssion on “Septs – Are we being honest or greedy?”

Bringing our People Together

 Our Heritage Secretary Christiane MacAulay Readhead has put together a selection of photographs entitled “Bringing Our People Together”.

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