MacAulay Apparel Now Available

MacAulay apparel is now available! There are currently jackets, polos and t-shirts.

Go to to view the available MacAulay apparel options. Then go to to order.

Each item of apparel is adorned with the MacAulay badge. Wear it proudly!

All prices listed in Cdn$. To estimate the cost in other currencies go to

Royal Edinburgh Tattoo 2017

MacAulay March at the ROYAL EDINBURGH TATTOO 2017
The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo will be held on 4th to 26th August 2017 - in the spectacular surroundings of Edinburgh Castle, and the key theme in 2017 is a ‘Splash of Tartan’!
Performance Details:

Failte do'n Chinneadh! - Welcome to the Clan MacAulay Association

The main aims of the clan are:

The promotion of the spirit of Clansmanship, of belonging in kinship, to foster an interest in Scotland, the land, our origins, our history, in a multicultural world. The clan aims to retain something of value in a World of Changing values. Our Clan is based on Democracy and Meritocracy not Aristocracy and Patronage. The Clan MacAulay Association holds a Gathering in Scotland every two years.

International Clan Gathering 2017

The next International Clan Gathering will be at the Loughshore Hotel, Carrickfergus, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland from 10th to 13th August 2017.

MacAulay Apparel

Laurence & Karen in their new MacAulay jackets...ready for the Carrickfergus gathering!

Updated Itinerary Carrickfergus gathering 2017

Carrickfergus Gathering Itinerary and Programme of events

Your Clan Needs You!

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